Up wind – Launch of a sport – A must watch!

Kiteboarding is still a young sport when compared to many other water sports.  It has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time and has been made available to the masses thanks to advances in safety systems and kite design.

Although now a days the sport is accessible to most everyone, during the birth and infancy of the sport, the equipment we take for granted today, had not yet been developed.  In those days, kiteboarding was suited to those bold enough to take the risk.

I’m sure every kiteboarder at some point has wondered how the sport got it’s start?  The next logical question that pops into most kiters heads is, who were the pioneers who figured it out?

Luckily, there is a great documentary that captures the birth and progression of the sport and the renegades who were responsible for propelling it to where it is today.  These guys, who are now some of the biggest names in the business, put their butts on the line to figure out the sport in the early days, without the luxury of chicken loops, safety systems and modern kite design.  Respect!

Although most kiteboarders have probably already seen the documentary Up wind – the launch of a sport, I thought it necessary to showcase it here for those new kiteboarders who haven’t seen it yet and for those who would like to watch it again, because it is that good!  This documentary will inspire and motivate and is truly a must watch for all kiteboarders.

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